Welcome to Reception

We are taught by Mrs Lamb and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Edge and Mrs Sperring. We learn through the Foundation Stage curriculum. Our teachers listen to us and enjoy finding out what we are interested in. Then they plan lots of exciting experiences and activities for us based on the things that we like, helping us to learn whilst we are playing.

Throughout our time in Reception we are learning to be self-confident and independent. We are keen to ask for things that we need help with but aren’t afraid to give new and exciting challenges a try. We are making lots of new friends and learning to follow our school rules. We always try our best to listen really carefully.

Our parents are really involved in our learning. They read with us every night. They can even add to our learning journey themselves so that our teachers can see all of the great learning that goes on at home! We invite them in each term to share our new learning.

We are creative and inquisitive learners and are enjoying the start of our journey through school, always with a smile.

Reception Notice Board

Forest School Days

Every Other Friday

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Every Thursday

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Teacher Messages

What a fantastic year we have had. You have all worked so hard and I am very proud of you all. Have a brilliant Summer. Mrs Lamb, Mrs Edge and Mrs Sperring

Last updated 02/07/2021